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Welcome to the Friends of German Culture



Welcome to the Friends of German Culture

Welcome to the Friends of German Culture

In April, the Friends of German Culture was again an active participant in the Panoply Arts Festival. This event was held in downtown Huntsville, Alabama.


The Panoply Arts Festival is truly a Huntsville Tradition! Annually the last full weekend in April, Panoply features performances, demonstrations, activities, and fun, all while promoting, coordinating and enhancing the arts. Begun in 1982 by the junior league of Huntsville, Panoply has evolved into one of the largest festivals in the southeast. With the support of local sponsors, businesses, city officials, and the truly amazing volunteers, Panoply continues to delight North Alabama as the arts are brought to life through a wide array of activities, events, and performance.

As part of this festival, a Global Village concept was included in the 2008 Panoply celebration. The Global Village was made up of numerous pavilions (tents) and was designed to showcase the cultural heritage of the many ethnic groups that have integrated within the population of Huntsville and North Alabama. Each ethnic and cultural organization staffed and decorated their respective pavilion and provided a variety of children’s activities related to arts and crafts representative of their culture.

The Huntsville German Community (Friends of German Culture) again hosted and staffed a pavilion that was designed to convey the German Culture via art, music, video, and activities to children, teens, and adults alike. Numerous volunteers supported this effort in providing their time, labor, and talent.

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