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Especially with the decisions various political leaders and major corporations are making, things may regress in terms of our consumption habits and abilities, including how they affect our environment.


For Example

The United States has recently withdrawn from the Paris Climate Deal, which leaves us out of an agreement meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions around the world.

Not only are our nation’s leaders making highly questionable judgments in regards to our Earth, so are we as individuals. We each have an impact on this planet and can make a change for the better, so it is up to us to make more conscious choices. The topic of consumption has been on my mind for many years. I remember being in elementary school making posters about how to properly recycle and suggesting that my family buy more recycling bins.

I hung the posters around the kitchen to help my family hold themselves responsible for their actions. Humans seem to be more worried about how much money they can make or how popular they can be on social media, than how their decisions may be killing the only Earth we have. This article is the first of a series focused on the topic of consumption. Keeping preservation in mind, each article will shed light on different consumer items and how we must change our mindset when consuming them. I will bring up topics such as food, technology, clothing, energy, and recycling.

I am hoping that this series will illuminate the eco-conscious side of us by providing examples of our daily choices that have a much larger, more negative impact on our planet than previously thought.

Take a second and think about whether you have made any eco-conscious decisions today. Did you recycle that plastic water bottle you drank from? Did you turn off the faucet while you brushed your teeth or washed your dishes? Global warming is real.

Our atmosphere is changing. Ice caps are melting. Species are dying at an alarming rate. Consumption and our impact on our environment are more important than we thought. We must begin to change our mindsets to spark a positive change and hopefully, this will help us preserve our precious Earth for generations to come.

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