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New Business Generation

New Business


New Business Generation

New Business Generation

Purpose: To supply leads targeted to your specific requirements that can be converted into new business increasing sales, turnover, and profit.


A lead is generated from a highly focused and targeted telemarketing questionnaire usually derived from our Marketing and Diagnostic Review. We will have set together clearly defined criteria identifying the new business you are seeking by type of business, size of entity, turnover, number of staff, location, postcode and any other variables specific to your business.

A lead will provide you with the market intelligence about a prospect, including their current arrangements that will help you to make a sale. A lead will only provide you with the opportunity. It won’t make the sale for you and not all of the leads will be automatic “walk-ins”. However, the leads will always be supplied on businesses that fit your criteria and have a potential requirement for the goods/services you supply either now or in the future.


To make you think about what your business has achieved to date, how you achieved your current position and to discuss in detail where you would like to be in the future, how to grow your business by generating new business, how to identify the new clients that you want and how you could achieve these goals.

The diagnostic takes between 3 and 4 hours of intensive and thought- provoking questions and answers. It takes place away from your offices and the normal work-day interruptions.

This process offers a unique and cost-effective way of gaining an overview or blueprint for the future marketing requirements of the business.

During the course of the discussion, it is possible that specific details about your business will be mentioned. We are registered under the Data Protection Act and are always happy to sign a confidentiality agreement confirming that all information divulged would be kept strictly private.

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