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Easy 3 SEO Step For Small Online Business



Easy 3 SEO Step For Small Online Business

Easy 3 SEO Step For Small Online Business

If you list a small online business with a website, but no plan, you are missing a great opportunity to promote your products or services. In addition, SEO is not very expensive – with much moderate time and money, you can start getting traffic from the major search engines.

Provided ready to start optimizing your website for top rankings on Google, Google UK, Yahoo UK, Yahoo, MSN, etc are, there are three basics, you should in your SEO plan.


Step 1 – Select your keywords.

You must first select the keywords you want a good rank. I suggest that major keywords starting with 3-5. Don’t forget that more great longer words much more difficult to keep the key to good rank. Want the keywords to choose competition low is to moderate, who are looking after a certain number of people, but. Check the volume of research and competition for a keyword with the opening. Use the words the suggestion tool volume and price open search bid for concurrency checking tool to check every month.

Step 2 – you optimize your site.

To optimize the pages on your site is the easiest to use a free tool like Web CEO. This tool will review and analyze your pages according to search engine algorithms to ensure that you have the right keyword density, etc. for your selected keywords. Web CEO comes with a lot of documentation, so I included the instructions in this article.

Step 3 – generate links to your site.

Inbound link to your site is actually the most important part of SEO. There are many ways to link to your site. Some of the best methods are exchanged links, directory submission, and article submissions. You could write an entire book ,the creation of links, so I will no longer in detail in this article.

If you are a particular country as SEO recall the United Kingdom, either your website hosting in that country and/or your domain is used the extension of this country.

The principles in this article should refer you to win a good start that knows you need your website rankings top page for search engine. Have fun!

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