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Digital marketing for Online Business Passion

digital marketing


Digital marketing for Online Business Passion

Digital Marketing is one of the buzzwords doing rounds, With Advent of social Websites and people investing more and more time on their pads and Iphones everything is available in the palm of their per research 80% of Millennials are using their smartphones in-store around 74% of millennials are willing to receive location-based mobile adverts. You want a pizza, pick up the phone. You want to buy a new dress, compare online. so for a Business, it is imperative to have a presence online and be well represented on social media networks. Digital Marketing is the marketing of the products or your services by use of the digital/Online technologies, like mobile phones/pads and other devices.

Digital Marketing consists of many Categories:-

Search engine optimization (SEO):- We want to rank on top of Google, right? so SEO is what the website owner needs to do to rank at the top spot in Google. SEO takes time to work, it doesn’t work like press a button and voila it is light all around. Ranking on top of google is a slow process and people take help of Black hat SEO for that. Black hat SEO is to use fraud methods to rank higher in Google results but google is smart. they can track and weed you out so please stick with White hat SEO Only.

Content Marketing:– Use content marketing to create rich, engaging stories and help to create brand awareness. Google loves High-Quality content because it Engages and Educates the Visitors so Content marketing should be high in your priority if you want to generate a great customer experience, your motto should be to Help other people by writing useful articles like this one.

PPC and Paid adverts:- one big Disadvantage of SEO is, that it is slow SEO takes time to produce results(Sometimes even Months). for the Impatient lot, you have to go for PPC aka Pay for clicks and paid adverts in Google/ Facebook/ Bing. you set up a budget and create a campaign, keep fine-tuning the campaign and you can increase the CTR aka Click through ratio and generate money by sending targetted traffic to your website

Video Marketing:- Nielsen claims that approximately 65 percent of marketers expect video to dominate their content strategies in the near future so for you there are multiple different options like live videos such as Google Hangouts Facebook live, Instagram lives, Twitter. on these platforms, you can go live and also share recorded videos with your followers.

Social Media Marketing:- Keep interacting with the Visitors through Various Social channels like Facebook/ Twitter/ Youtube, keep Users updated on the latest sales and promotions going on with your company. Social media is so important nowadays that Companies/Brands live to stream their new product launch.

the administrative workload for virtually every user. Customer transactions that previously required multiple sets of paperwork can be automated, and information that would have been manually input into a spreadsheet – or multiple spreadsheets – is automatically recorded and properly filed. Paper filing that used to take up hours and hours of administrative time can become virtually non-existent. For organizations with multiple offices, the workload can be managed and shared between locations, allowing employee time to be maximized company-wide. In addition, CRM allows every user to access and manage large quantities of information, and can thereby significantly reduce staffing and even outsourcing.

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