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5 Simple Ways to Make Money On eBay



5 Simple Ways to Make Money On eBay

5 Simple Ways to Make Money On eBay

It is my conviction that there is no easier way to make money online than by selling products on eBay. I think the answer to this question really revolves around how do you define easy and simple. What could be simpler, a straight forward 5 steps?

Get something to sell.

Photo, and write a description.

Download your listing on eBay.

Collect your money.



What could be simpler than that?

But I suspect what people are really asking is how can I easily get products to sell and learn from auctions basic experience this is what both newcomers and some experienced eBayers find difficult. So in this article, I would like only 5 very simple ways that you select can sell products without even leaving your computer. This I hope will be easy enough for everyone.


  1. What, no picture?

It is my conviction that there is hardly an item on eBay or other online auctions, which will benefit not taken with a photo or image to the list. to get In fact, that most items without a photograph that are actually listed for sale tend to 20% less than those with. In some categories, the figures are even higher. offered as clothes without a photo on average 78% lower selling price, as such. So it seems to be quite easy to browse eBay looking for these “photo-less” about to buy them and then relisting with a photograph. Money for old rope really.

  1. Finding the poorly listed items.

There are many reasons why not entice anyone listing any worthwhile offers. Bad or are close to bad description, the wrong category, bad spelling, and so on. You can do this by browsing around the auction site to find, but I would suggest a simpler method.

Select the categories you are interested in and see the search for items close within the next hour. Here is where the bargains are not all bids for the reasons we have already said, attract.

  1. Unsocial hours

In any book about eBay, you will find tips on when is the best time for auctions to end. The most suggested times for most items are Sunday afternoon and evening and Wednesday evening. Some experts suspect that for business terms, Monday or Tuesday is best during office hours. If you accept that there are times when you must get increased bids for your items, it will also be times when if your auction will not end so well. I would think if you have an auction, say the completed between 5 and 8 clocks on Monday morning, lurking not too many people in the last minute bid can push the price up. Re-buy and re-list with your auction set for a friendly on time, or could easily be 20% or more profit for very little effort.

  1. Buy Collections

One of the easiest ways is to make money on eBay, in other people’s laziness cash. If anyone tells a collection of 10 Chinese dogs, it is a fact that if they put all ten in one listing as a collection they get less than if they listed each item separately. But it’s amazing how many sellers do not take the trouble to do so. I bought in the past and such a collection actually pays more from one of the words than I had for the whole collection.

  1. Other online auctions.

Over 95% of all online auctions on eBay. You have available the largest number of registered buyers and items for sale. For this reason, the terms offered for sale on eBay to get the best rates. So why not look at some of the smaller online auctions, because we have in many cases, terms with them, do not screw like a good price on eBay could be achieved. Then all you have to do is to buy from them and relist on eBay.

So there are 5 simple ideas to make money on eBay for you to consider. Why not try some or all of them.

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