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5 signs that tell how creative you are



5 signs that tell how creative you are

5 signs that tell how creative you are

You must want to know how creative you are. It is right no one has the exact answer to this question. Creativity cannot be measured in the quantified terms. Usually, creative people hate to talk about numbers. They just talk on ideas, quality, and uniqueness. That is why no one tells the amount of creativity he has. Even it can’t be ascertained in relative terms like less or more. The simple answer to the question is; one is either creative or not creative. But after the growth of technology and the availability of several guides to do a work in several ways, one can now mix up several ways of work into one to make a new style and become creative. Here are 5 signs that tell you how creative you are.


Do you follow the same way to the office?

If you go office do you follow the same track or change it daily. It does not mean you should take a long route while commuting to the office. If there are several ways of the same distance how many times in a month you change them. Daily, once in a week, once in a month or never; it will show your habit of doing things in a different way.

How do you order the stitching of your clothes?

If you get your clothes stitched from tailor how you place an order. You just put the order straight away by telling him your main requirements or you go into detail. You think about the design, discuss with him, or just give the main guidelines to stitch your suiting. Your involvement in this work will show you how creative you are.

How do you comment on food?

Do you eat whatever is offered to you or you examine it deeply, its taste, it’s garnishing, and its presentation? If you just eat it without much thinking – either you love to eat food or not – it means you are not so much creative.

How do you behave with the opposite sex?

If you remain so formal and just talk to the opposite sex just like you do with your co-gender people it means you have not much creativity. If you behave with especial attention without any means thinking it means your creativity wakes up while talking to them.

Are you organized?

This is one of the most debatable signs of creative people. Usually, such people are disorganized but that is not the rule of thumb. There are several people who don’t have much creativity but there everything is in mess. But generally, it is very hard for a creative person to be organized and disciplined.

One thing we should remember that having creativity does not mean creating something great in your life. It is possible that you are at the height of doing work in an innovative way but don’t have a chance to perform and you remain in a state of disuse in your whole life. It means your performance is not the main criterion to tell you how creative you are. Actually your aptitude that will give you the exact answer of this question.

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