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5 approaches to achieve success in life

5 approaches to achieve success in life

Life without success or approach means a hell of frustrations. It remains our earnest desire throughout our life to not only achieve success but also keep raising it as much as possible. It is rightly said that struggle is the fuel for hope. Until you keep struggling, it will keep fueling your passion with hope. It means there are various approaches to answer the question of what is a successful life. For someone, eternal peace is the benchmark of success, for some other money is the main achievement in life and for some others, it may be the knowledge that keeps you happy in life. The main thing is the angle of sight of a person, how he takes a success. Mainly there are 5 practical approach to achieve success in life.



The struggle must go on

This is the philosophical approach to achieve success in life. It does no matter do you succeed or fail. Its main focus is; do you keep struggling or stop it after one or two failures. It believes in a struggle with the aim to keep on achieving success. What it believes is that if you make a certain level of success your ultimate goal will be doing what after achieving it. Will you stop struggling; if you do so it means you die spiritually and remain a physical being?

Passion first then success

This is the second most important approach. It believes in fully utilizing your passion without worrying about will you succeed or not. Actually it stresses creating and maintaining passion in your work. If you work passionately you will achieve success in life sooner or later. If you struggle half-heartedly then there is no guarantee you will succeed.

Happiness means success

In this approach, happiness is more important. If you are happy in your life it means you are successful. Even you have no comforts and affluence but your happiness is enough for you to spend a successful life. But critics of this approach contend that if a happy life can be spent without material comforts. Its reply is that happiness lies in your heart, not in your physical being. It is a supernatural type of approach that does not work in real life.

Money is everything

This is an approach of present times to achieve success in life. It believes in the power of money and says everything can be achieved with money so get money as much as you can. This is a materialistic approach about success but in this age of commercialization, the power of money cannot be denied. You cannot achieve any tangible things for free. With intangible things – like love, sincerity, and affection – you cannot survive physically. Therefore, this approach is usually considered the most practical one.

Success is the achievement of everything

This is the most advanced approach to achieve success in life. It asks you to achieve everything as much as you need it. Money, knowledge, fame, pleasure, satisfaction, and passion all you must achieve in a balanced quantity. It says that success is a good mix of the achievement of various things in life. You cannot rely on just one factor and call yourself a successful person.

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